Having finished my MSc in Computer Science at the University of Zurich in 2016, I worked as a visiting researcher at the DBCLS, Japan and as a research assistant at the Institute of Computational Linguistics, Switzerland.

Institute for Computational Linguisticspaperresearch assistant & teaching, 2017

Upon returning from Japan, I worked as a research assistant at the OntoGene group; programming in python to improve our entity recognition pipeline. Furthermore, I assisted in teaching introductory courses in information extraction and XML, holding the occasional lecture and designing exercises.

Database Center for Life Science research reportresearch grant in Japan, 2016

Through a research grant issued by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and building on my previous involvement with the OntoGene group, I got a chance to become a visiting researcher at DBCLS working on various text mining projects, such as PubAnnotation.

REST-ful inteface for obtaining fast dependency parsing Project website Python project, 2016

Building upon my master thesis and PubAnnotation's ability to obtain annotations from third-party services, I implemented a web service providing dependency parsing on demand. While this service was designed with PubAnnotation in mind, it is independent and open for any use.

MSc of Software Systems summa cum laudeat UZH, 2014-2016

Focus on information extraction, HCI (particularly sustainable HCI) and big data. Please find below a selection of projects and papers I worked on during this course.

Dependency Parsing for Relation Extraction in Biomedical Literature publicationMSc thesis, March 2016
Continuing my involvement with the OntoGene group and building on my previous project, I propose an improved way for extracting relations from biomedical texts. The thesis has received the top grade, and has been published since.
Teaching Assistanceteaching, August 2015 to December 2015

Teaching the same Software Engineering course as previous year, I was able to offer my experience in restructuring and reshaping the course, as well as to better support the students in their one-term project.

OntoGene Group website, final report Python project, April to October 2015

Towards the end of my studies, I got involved with OntoGene group, devoted to improving text mining in biomedical literature. As part of the project, my primary focus was to improve the efficiency of a pipeline that extracts entities and their relations from PubMed abstracts.

Finite State Transducer for Sindarin GitHub XFST project, June 2015

As part of a lecture in finite state methods in computational linguistics, I wrote a little transducer for Tolkien's fictional Sindarin language, modeling vowel shifts for plurals.

Beyond Product Design PDF paper, January 2015

A final report that I wrote for my sustainable HCI class reflecting on the focus of HCI on product design and its impacts on sustainability.

Teaching Assistanceteaching, August 2014 to December 2014

During one term I was responsible for the exercises of a course in Software Engineering, as well as for coaching the students in their one-term programming project. Based on my performance, I had the opportunity to assist teaching and restructuring the course in the subsequent year.

Cloud-Based Sentiment AnalysisGitHubJava project, April 2014

Exploring how Cloud-platforms can be used to perform sentiment analysis on big data.

Bachelor of Applied Informatics (Neuroinformatics)at UZH, 2009-2013

The bachelor course was offered by UZH and ETH, and provided me with a strong basis in Computer Science, including some computer graphics, and an overview of the field of neuroinformatics.

Thalamo-Cortical Bouton Counts in Mouse Auditory Cortexreportlab project, 2012

This project at INI allowed me to participate in an investigation of the utility of a GFP, from the very beginning of the experiment including injecting the virus, perfusion, preparation of samples and evaluation.

Realistic Body Animationpaperseminar, 2011

In this seminar I analysed the strategies and techniques for realistic body animation, and how motion capture can be used.

Lord of Fire and IcevideoComputer graphics project, 2011

A group project applying what we had learned in a computer graphics lecture. While the game offers little actual gameplay, we designed a very large map and a system to easily expand it.

Free Time


I started to bartend to support my studies financially, but now see it as my 2nd profession. I have since worked in bars overseas, developed menus for bars and won several awards.


I started to play the cello over 20 years ago, and still find it a great way to unwind.

martial arts

I have been practising my karate for over 20 years now, and have since attained my dan (black belt) and trained my own classes. Particularly rewarding was my job as a trainer of a children's class.